Where It All Began – GMID Goes Virtual

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Spark Event Management GMID Goes Virtual

GMID Goes Virtual was born, and we were racing against the clock!

Virtual Events – Enter From Stage Left 

The thought behind GMID Goes Virtual is that we would gather industry professionals from around the World and be able to show our support for each other, and the industry itself, in times of uncertainty. I myself, have had a lot of ups and downs throughout this whole pandemic.

Working within this industry over the last 6.5 years, I see just how much impact we have on economies worldwide.

I had been at an event for PCMA Canada West days before the lockdown happened, and you could just tell the air was different. There was definitely a feeling of uncertainty – hotels that are affected; suppliers that are affected; event planners that are affected. Overall general concern for what is going to happen over the coming weeks, months, year.

Will there be any live events? Will there be any travel? Will I still have a job?

The impact was felt quickly and the decline from busy to a standstill, felt like it happened overnight. The devastation to the industry was insanity, and this was only the beginning. As time went on, we knew it was only going to get worse.

Working on the GMID Goes Virtual project helped keep me occupied and had me feeling like I was helping make a difference.

In the days leading up to GMID Goes Virtual 

The number of slack messages was cray cray, but necessary since we are not all in the same place rather we are spread out across the world, and we’re opinionated, professionally of course. There were weekly zoom calls, and of course, there were the dress rehearsals. But still, putting on an event – virtually and in less than a month – is crazy and required all hands on deck.

When you’re working on an event like this, it does require a certain amount of trust with those that are on board to help you. With such quick turnaround time to put this event on, everything needed to be dealt with quickly and diligently. I am not an event planner myself, but my sense is that this was more stressful than putting on a face to face event, or perhaps a different kind of stressful. Think back to post-secondary days, and working with the groups you had in your 4th year compared to your 1st year.

We’re also very good at critiquing during dress rehearsals; who knew?! 😉

It’s Go Time!

I awoke on April 14th, with so much energy! I channelled that energy into an early morning 5K run, to release some of those endorphins so I could focus.

Is this why a lot of event planners don’t drink coffee? You’re all running on a natural endorphin high?!

I still went to our local coffee shop for a caffeine hit. No one at the coffee shop thought I needed a coffee, but whaddya going to do?!

#eventproud dog


I got myself set up on my computer.

I set the dog up with a view on the iPad. Don’t judge; she loves the events industry as well. She stayed tuned in the whole time!




My favourite part of this entire event was the video from Brett Culp of Stage Story. The video was powerful and hit home – a video that gives all the feelings, literally.

Want to watch GMID Goes Virtual all over again? Head on over to the GMID Goes Virtual website, and you can relive the experience. 

The Evolution – The Global Events Collective

There has been a lot of chatter and work behind the scenes as to how to move forward from the grassroots movement that was GMID Goes Virtual. The evolution is in progress, and we’re happy to be launching on November 19th. You can read more about who and what we are here, and if you want to get involved, head here.

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