Moments That Matter

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What Are Moments That Matter?

Events are about story telling.

Moments that Matter reveals extraordinary stories of change and transformation. These stories can be traced back to specific gatherings that have had profound impacts on the lives of many.

Moments that Matter invites us to go behind the scenes and follow these impacts to uncover the effect they have on specific people. These are individuals who were able to directly or indirectly reap the benefits that these events have provided. In doing so, Moments that Matter, reveals and recognizes the people who work hard behind the scenes to make these life-changing moments possible.

Our lives are shaped by events and impactful story telling

Planned human gatherings where we compete, celebrate, commiserate, learn, do business, admire artistic expressions and, most important of all, connect with each other.

Events and the stories they teach us, move us forward, both as individuals and as a whole species. While we may not always be aware of the power of events, they shape each and every one of us.

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These stories are fictional, and are shown here as examples to help show the different ways events can affect and shape people.


Inner Strength Stories
Julian has been in love with his partner for Eric for 20 years, for most of that time living secretly, in shame. His family and friends did not know that he is gay until he recently came out. This was a moment he had been dreading ever since he decided to come out.

He was inspired by Dillon he met a business conference not long ago, an acquaintance who has unknowingly played a crucial role in Julian’s life. Dillon was not on stage or running a session, he was bravely sharing his own experience in coming out in an intimate group discussion.

In doing so Dillon was able to give Julian the confidence he needed to be true to himself and reveal this heavy secret to his family who has since embraced him for who he is.


Launching Stories

 Ellie never knew what she wanted to be when she was growing. She was shy and she was smart, but not always comfortable in front of other people. She started to get fascinated by computers in high school.

Coding came naturally and by the time she was supposed to be off to college she had been making a six-figure salary just coding in her spare time. She coded small things here and there and started being part of the scene in Silicon Valley.

It was at the Girls That Code 2015 event that she met Billie and the pair chatted about that app idea she had. They quickly got to work the following days and from sketch to prototype went fast. The next month at the Valley Pitch competition they pitched their prototype and immediately had interest from various investors.

Just like that, the app was launched. They made it to the app store for the Xmas rush that year and the rest is history.


The Cure Stories
Karen, like many people around the world, tests her blood sugar at least twice a day. She caries her kit with her everywhere she goes and until recently insulin was also part of her life. After 40 years of doing this, Karen is one of the first patients in the world to be cured of diabetes.

Karen was able to join a trial for a vaccine developed by a joint effort by multiple medical teams who met regularly for 8 years… Her doctor was part of a team of specialists who researched this particular field and through their research were able to isolate a possible cure.

Their findings were first discussed at the IAFTD 2008 meeting held in Plano, Texas.